Publisher: Monocle
Authors:,  ,                                                                                       Release date: September 2013                                                                
  Format: 20 x 26.5 cm                                                                              
 Features: 306 pages, hardcover with gold foil
The Monocle team celebrates the endlessly fascinating and culturally rich country of Japan.
This book is the culmination of years of reporting across the country by Monocle and it delivers a unique insight into the people, places and products that define Japan. Whether you’re planning a visit or simply curious, The Monocle Book of Japan will unpack the nation for you. It will take you from snowy Hokkaido in the north to the tropical southern islands of Okinawa and, along the way, deep-dive into the worlds of culture, design, retail and more. It’s Japan revealed as never before.


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