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Size: 9 cm (D) x 15.5 cm (H)

The new cordless diffuser gently disperses essential oils into its surroundings, filling your home with your chosen fragrance for up to twelve hours. Designed to be used with diffuser oils.
Two power options, three interval settings and a warm white, low-level LED light allow you to curate your own calming environment, while waterless technology prevents water waste and maintains the purity of the oil.
The rechargeable device is made from a ceramic outer, recycled plastic inner and electrical components which can be recycled at a specialist recycling facility or in-store at Bamford Mayfair and our Bamford Wellness Spas in London and the Cotswolds.

UK Plug & USB charger
Waterless Technology
Made in PRC
Emits a gentle low-frequency sound
Recyclable in-store
How to use

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Strato Diffuser:

  1. Remove the ceramic cover and inner lid of the diffuser 
  2. Pull up the nozzle and remove it from the main body
  3. Rotate the diffuser oil anti-clockwise to secure it inside the nozzle
  4. Insert the nozzle with the diffuser oil into the atomiser body
  5. Press the nozzle down and make sure it is lined up with the nozzle indicator mark
  6. Put the inner lid back and replace the ceramic cover
  7. Press the power button to select your preferred strength and interval

Please use the Strato Diffuser for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time to reduce the environmental impact.