Gives a natural-looking deep bronze tan that perfectly matches your skin tone, without any undesirable orange tones. Instant and long-lasting effect. As soon as you apply it, you get an even, beautiful tan that fully develops in the next 8 hours and stays on the skin for up to 7-10 days.

  • Fast drying. Applies easily and evenly. Does not stick.

  • Natural, nourishing ingredients your skin will love.

  • Natural, plant-based DHA.

  • Vegan & free from animal testing.

  • Suitable for face and body. For every skin color and skin type.

  • With a fantastic fragrance.


It contains natural and pure ingredients that your skin will love. Natural, plant-based DHA and coconut water - for supple skin with a visible "glow" effect. Each drop is further enriched with moisturising and antioxidant ingredients to protect against dryness and to keep the skin looking fresh and beautiful.

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