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H: 86cm, SH: 45 cm, SD: 58cm, W: 258cm,  D: 77cm

H: 86cm, SH: 45 cm, SD: 58cm, W: 215cm,  D: 77cm

MATERIALS:Oak or walnut, plastic, steel, solid beech, plywood,
foam, felt, quilt foam, pocket springs, rubber.

Legs: Natural oak or walnut

Sofa comes in different colours and fabrics. Enquire for more information.

An exclusive and rare design from Vilhelm Lauritzen, the Radiohus Sofa was designed for Denmark’s Radio House – today the Royal Danish Academy of Music – in 1936. A pioneering piece of Nordic Functionalism, the elegant design shunned the conservative and straight lines of the time in favour of a more futuristic expression. Beautiful from all angles, its curved lines and open construction welcome and embrace the sitter, while the quilted back highlights the exactness of its design. A piece of furniture that requires space, let it stand freely in a room.

Made to order: 7 weeks

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