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160 g.

This confit from Nicolas Vahé is everything you need in a cheese pairing. It is originally made to accompany the Chaource cheese from the region of Champagne, but is a perfect match for any kind of cheese. The unique flavour comes from letting the apricots and thyme macerate for no less than 10 hours. The apricot plays off the richness in cheeses, so add it to your cheese platter the next time you invite friends over to give them an unforgettable experience. You can even use the apricot and thyme confit instead of chutney. Unexpected flavours make for great experiences, and this confit checks all the boxes. 

Content: Apricots, orange, concentrated apple juice, sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glucosides from refined stevia leaf), lemon juice, 0,4% cardamom, gelling agent (citrus pectin).

CONFIT - APRICOT & THYME Sale price€9.00