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Materials: Paper hardcover, stitched binding
Features: 272 pages
Dimensions: 17 x 3 x 24 cm
Language: English

Published in December 2023 by The Greek Foundation

Introducing Athens, the first edition of The Greek Foundation’s Travel Guides series. Discover carefully selected places to stay, whether you crave city buzz or seaside tranquility. Enjoy diverse dining experiences with options ranging from international to local cuisine, cozy taverns, and timeless cafes. Dive into the city’s culture through unique concept stores, museums and art. Hear the stories of those who live, dream and create in Athens. Keep notes from the listings and let the captivating stories and unique photography sweep you away on a journey that unfolds from the very first page of the guide.

Athens. A name borrowed from the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war. It seems that Athens is a city that combines all three. Deeply enriched with wisdom in its culture, it holds a strategic position on the map of Greece bathed in sun and sea. As for war, it explains its apparent chaos, the rhythms, and the constant movement. Feel welcomed.