D35 x 25cm

Material: Ceramic

Kabin is a series of vases inspired by the classical, simple forms found in Japanese craftsmanship. The large table vases offer the same stability and complexity as the traditional Japanese tea bowls, and the oval-shaped bodies rest on top of a small foot or pedestal, adding refinement to the classic form. The Kabin series is a love story between Japanese and Scandinavian craftsmanship, resulting in this minimalist collection of vases in four different sizes.

Kabin Dezato is a new edition to the Kabin series, offering a unique tactile texture, with an attempt to create a surface similar to a desert landscape by using different burning techniques. Dezato is the Japanese name for dessert.

As it is a hand-glazed nature product, the colours may vary slightly and as it is not 100% waterproof, a bag for fresh flowers is included.

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

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