Ø35 x H27cm

Colour: Bone White

Material: Ceramic

Inspired by floral shapes, Bloom emphasizes soft and organic shapes in a collection of sculptural ceramic vases and trays. Elegantly sculpted, each Bloom ceramic is characterized by several flowers leaves fading into each other, reminiscing the different stages of a flower from closed to open. 

Bloom is an interpretation of the 70s floral-inspired design. But with a more raw and clean expression. The smoothly curved surface is contrasted by a strong underlying geometry and is enriched by a beautiful play of shadows around the depths of the surface. Due to its expressive design, the Bloom vases change experience throughout the day, according to the position of light and shadows. 

Bloom comes in both vases and trays and is made from ceramic and fiber concrete. The surface is hand glazed in order to achieve a unique surface texture. The colours may vary slightly, as it is a handmade product. 
The vase is not 100% waterproof, therefore a bag for fresh flowers is included. 

Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.

Care & Maintenance Instructions: 
Use a soft dry cloth to clean the product. Do not use household cleaners. Not waterproof.

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